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  • World's Best Beats Video Clips - Host Bringing the best new Fusion Music and Top Hits as requested by you! SMS or request which song you want to see on TV for the chance to win daily prizes. Create your own Viral Hit with our Mash Up music producers who will remix your favorite hits and turn you into a producer with your own released track onto the Australian Fusion Top 20. Want your favorite song, need help to hit the big time to Worlds Best Beats.


  • Crossing Boundaries is an Australian Sports,shot in Full HD. Showcasing the diverse talent of Australia's Men and Women Sports stars & emerging athlete's from a broad range of multicultural backgrounds. We bring you every week the highlights, big plays, sporting news & interviews with the coaches & staff behind the scenes.


  • Energising Yoga Host throws to existing footage Bright, Fresh & Uplifting. Tune in daily for invigorating sessions of Yoga from the Worlds best. Free and in full HD. Beamed into your lounge room or where ever you watch TV Arcana, let us align your chakra's to make sure you have the best possible start to the day & have a free Yoga session to stay in shape.


  • Settle in as TV Arcana brings you the Sub Continents along with Bollywood's most captivating movies. Watch your favorite actors, directors, producers & musicians - do what they do best. Tune in so we can mesmerize you & take your mind to another place. The Arcana Movie channel loves our fans more than any other network, we are giving our viewers the chance to win a Trip to meet the people that make it all happen by giving away a trip to Hollywood & Bollywood in an Australian first.


  • First Class Holidays for Less - Paid Luxury , Uncharted territories and breathtaking vistas from the Worlds hottest travel destinations. We show you how to travel like a King and Queen without hurting your bank account. The only travel show dedicated to the South Asian market broadcast globally. Win your own discounted holidays every month simply by watching the travel show. You Want us to discover a part of the World for you, that is exactly what we are here for so join us on a nonstop voyage around the World.


  • Holly Bolly Buzz showcases Entertainment - Celebrity news showbiz events, behind the scenes, Talent, Holly Bolly Buzz is a daily entertainment show profiling the best creative work from the Hollywood & Bollywood film industry. Celebrity news, Breaking stories, Premiere's, Affairs, Events, Fashion and New productions. The most in-depth stories from our experienced team based in the heart of Hollywood and Bollywood, tell it to you straight.


  • Food show brings you Succulent recipes & simple step-by-step guides how to make your guests mouth water are what we teach in this program. We have the hand selected best chefs that show us how to satisfy our cravings for delicious food that keeps your whole family healthy with less spending. TV ARCANA bring you weekly guest appearances by international cooking kings and queens. and also will provide you the opportunity to join us on Australia's best Food Safari's & new restaurants


  • The only program focused on building wealth for the young entrepreneurs

    . Insight by industry professionals how to find financial freedom in dynamic economic enviorment.

Tech & Games

  • TRENDING GADGETS Trending - Tech - Gadgets - Gaming Whats Hot on the Net - Gadget - Gaming Is it the most exciting industry in the World right now. With so much new technology impacting every facet of our lives, how can we keep ahead of the curve? This show highlights gaming trends, social media stars, viral videos as they arrive.

    Vote for your favorite clips and be one of our lucky daily winners. Lots of prizes and entry to events the public can't get their hands on.

Hourly News

  • Local and International news presenting on an hourly basis without Bias. We cover the stories that impact your life and no other network will cover. We broadcast from the economy to politics, sport, local and international leaders and community stars on the rise.We are the multicultural platform, We showcase that mainstream networks do not support. Due to our broad reach into more homes, businesses and community groups, our dedication is to be the best, Our most balanced & interactive news crews digging deeper to find the heart of the issue and provide an ethical overview of the tough subjects for our audience.